The BI Survey 15: Best Practices - Market InSight - Worldwide

This document sets out guidelines to support the process of selecting business intelligence software; recommending criteria to be used in software selection and how a multi-step process is key to the successful choice of a product fit for purpose. Based on the experiences of over 2,000 participants in The BI Survey 15, this document highlights common mistakes made by software buyers and advises how to avoid the pitfalls. This document, however, does not recommend which product to select, nor does it describe the relative merits and weaknesses of particular products.

Drawing on analysis of the full sample of 2,477 end users and consultants across a broad spectrum of industries and countries who participated in The BI Survey 15, Best Practices enables the reader to learn directly from their experiences.



Achieving business benefits
Avoiding problems in Business Intelligence projects

Multi-step product selection
Project challenges when selecting software
The project team for selecting software
Steps for selecting software

Results from The BI Survey 15
Why product choice determines the success of your project
The value of a formal evaluation
What are the right criteria for choosing BI software?
Which purchase reasons lead to greater business benefits?
Proof of concept
Success factors in implementing BI applications
Avoiding the most frequent problems in BI projects


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