Business Intelligence in French Enterprises: Benefits, Deployments, Current Trends and Challenges - Market InSight - France

This report answers the following questions in detail:

Which business benefits are realized by using BI tools in companies?
What do typical deployments of BI in French companies look like in terms of numbers of users and departments using BI?
For what tasks is BI used in French companies now and in the future?
What do users and vendors consider to be the current trending topics?
What challenges do French companies face (most serious implementation problems, most serious problems encountered during use by business users)?
The analyses in this report are part of the world’s largest annual survey of BI users, The BI Survey. Based on a sample of over 3,000 survey responses, The BI Survey 15 offers an unsurpassed level of user feedback on 35 leading BI solutions and provides a detailed quantitative analysis of why customers buy business intelligence (BI) tools, what they are used for, what problems they experience with the tools and the level of success they achieve with their BI projects.



PAC’s Analysis
Management summary
PAC’s opinion
PAC’s recommendations

Business Benefits from and Deployment of BI Tools
Business benefits from BI tools
Percentage of BI users in Company
Departments using BI

BI Implementation, Usage, and Satisfaction
BI tasks… today and tomorrow
What do you do with your BI product?
Usage of trends by users/vendors

The most serious implementation problems
Implementation problems by peer group
The most serious problems encountered during use by business users
What problems do customers typically encounter?
Reasons for replacement
Reasons for replacement by region

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