Dealing with Ambidexterity: Strategies Against the Digital Hype - InSight Analysis - Worldwide

Objectives of the report:

- Help understand organizational ambidexterity as a key requirement in the digital transformation process and objectivize controversial discussions related to the effectiveness of digital change.

- Clarify different ambidexterity approaches and related challenges - and thus provide a framework for a differentiated and structured discussion on digital transformation strategies.

- Point out key action fields for cultural change and ways to approach contextual ambidexterity.

- See what is behind the “agile hype” and identify the essentials for realizing agile methods.

- Scrutinize the expectations concerning CDO (Chief Digital Officer) assignments against the background of key requirements to drive digital change.

- Discuss requirements for workspace modernization in order to establish new workstyles and improve employee experience in an effective way.


PAC’s Analysis
- Management summary


Explore & Exploit: the Ambidexterity Challenge

Key Issues of Digital Innovation Reviewed
- Agility versus Taylorism: the implementation of agile methods revisited
- "All-singing, all-dancing conveyor" or “toothless tiger”: the role of the “Chief Digital Officer”
- Employee experience in the focus: scope and strategies of workspace modernization

PAC’s Recommendations
- Recommendations for IT buyer companies
- Recommendations for IT solution vendors