Digital Workplace as a Holistic Design and Service Concept - Market InSight - Worldwide

Objectives of the report:

Discuss challenges and needs with regard to design, operation and support of workplace environments in the digital age.
Present an update on the latest trends and developments around workplace management and transformation.
Identify and analyze paradigm changes required for the realization of the “Digital Workplace” as a holistic design and service concept.
Discuss key issues related to the implementation of new digital workplace concepts for design, operation and support as well as the provisioning of workplace equipment and mobile integration.
Identify the impacts of these change processes for IT software and service providers.


PAC’s Analysis
Management summary
PAC’s opinion
PAC’s recommendations

Introduction: The need for Digital Workplace Transformation
Workplace transformation needs to be part of the digital transformation agenda
Today’s workplaces are optimized for industrial work, not for knowledge work
Balancing act for IT decision makers: Paradigm shift required
Provider landscape in a disruptive phase

Paradigm Shifts in Digital Workplace Strategies
Design: Supporting collaboration and communication first in a natural way
Operating model: Centralized & cloud-based
Provisioning: Role-based rather than one size fits all
End user support: Between self-service portals and café bars
Mobility management: Integrated approaches instead of additional silos
Decision making and collaboration: Workplace management requires team play
Software manufacturers: Rivalry in the cloud
Workplace management services: From a commodity to a transformational outsourcing discipline

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