How mobility, cloud and analytics will impact business applications-related C&SI services - Market InSight - Worldwide

Objectives of the report:

This reports focuses on consulting and systems integration (C&SI) in the realm of the four major business application platforms from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and
It covers general trends, disruptive changes as a result of digital transformation and the resulting impacts on user sourcing strategies and consumption behavior with regard to business applications.
It identifies and analyzes growth drivers and inhibitors for BAS C&SI providers.
In addition, current and future growth opportunities for C&SI providers are highlighted.
IT buyers can learn about sourcing of business application solutions in a digitized environment.


PAC’s analysis
Management summary
PAC’s opinion
PAC’s recommendations


Digitization changes client demands and consequently also C&SI sourcing

Impact on the sourcing of BAS-related consulting & systems integration (C&SI)
In-depth analysis of this Market InSight

The big impact of the four large players

Brief introduction to digitization strategies of the Big Four

Detailed analysis of disruptive changes on C&SI
Data driven companies and analytics


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